Poem of the week: Week Seven.

A poetry theme to do with love would be incomplete without a poem from Tagore. My only problem was finding a happy love poem from the bilingual collection Songs of Tagore, which was a gift too. If not happy-happy, the following poem best describes the feeling of love. It’s week three of the theme ‘Love and Marriage’.

Baajilo kaahaar beenaa modhur shworey
Aamaar nibhrito nobo jeebon- ‘porey.
Prabhat komolo shomo phutilo hriday momo
Kaar duti nirupom choron-torey.
Jegey uthey shob shobhaa, shob maadhuri,
Polokey polokey hiyaa pulokey poori.
Kothaa hotey shomeeron aaney nobo jaagoron,
poraaner aaboron mochon korey.
Laagey bukey shukhey dukhey koto jey byaathaa,
Kamoney bujhaaye kobo naa jaani kothaa.
Aamaaro baashonaa aaji tribhuboney uthey baaji,
kaanpey nodi bonoraaji bedonaabhorey.

I Know not whose lyre
plays a sweet symphony
in this secret dawn of my life;
my heart like a lotus in the morn
pens its thousand petals
beneath those peerless feet.

To the strains of that music,
beauty awakes;
her heart filling with bliss
from moment to moment.

From where do the winds of spring
bring this awakening,
rendering the veils of the soul?

I find no words to describe
this painful strife
of agony and joy in my breast!

My desire rings echoing
through the three worlds,
and the river and the woodlands
tremble with the poignancy of my pain.


I don’t speak Bangla but reading the poem in the original is always a delight!


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