Poem of the week: Week Three.

Another one on the theme ‘Beginnings and Ends’. This one is from the Selected Poems of Fernando Pessoa, which I have borrowed from a friend.

It Begins to Be
– Fernando Pessoa

It begins to be going to be dawn –
The black sky is beginning,
In a still-dark slight
Unblackening of its night,
To have a chill tint,
There, where the black is thinning.

A black that is azure-ashen
Outwards, vaguely, drifts
From where the Orient sleeps
Its late sleep, shapeless,
And a windless chill keeps station,
Heard, scarcely perceived.  

And yet I, who have hardly
Slept, don’t feel night or chill
Or, coming in, dawntide
From the void solitude.
The indefinite of the heart,
Its void, is all I feel.

In vain the day is dawning
To one who can’t sleep, never
Was made o get things straight
Here inside the heart;
Who while he lives is denying
And, when he loves, does not have.

In vain, in vain, and the sky
Azures itself through green
Asheningly. What
Is it my soul feels? Not
That, no, nor even I,
In the night, which will soon be unseen.



Sometimes, one can only be thankful for the end of something inconceivable. Since the mind is not ready for the beginning yet.      


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