One word, five stories.

Everyday Short Stories

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A sharp cry drowned every other sound, and continued until she opened her eyes. A blinding light entered her vision. It didn’t sting, but was soft, warm. Things slowly took shape, as if a painter gave finishing touches to every leaf on a tree. For a long time, she stared wide-eyed at the swaying leaf and smiled her first smile. – Tejaswini kale

He admired her composure in such a situation. He thought of all the moments they had shared, he was amazed why he was thinking about them at this point of time. Would she be mad at herself? Would she be angry? His mind was playing games, giving him information about his guilts and regrets. Could he turn back time? – Gaurav Raikar

He would often introduce himself as a wrestler, leaving most people a little dumbfounded. But that was his truest description – he would wrestle everyday. Each…

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