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Everyday Short Stories

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He didn’t know. He was sleepy. Long forlorn by the pressures of his everyday life. His mind was in a stoned slumber.

Till he saw her, and saw the light. She had something that shone – a touch that awoke his mind and alerted his heart – this could be worth pursuing.

He could not stop, he just had to. Take the next step. And bit into the goodness. “Thank God for Hope, he said, her rainbow sprinkles doughnut is now MINE.” – Aakanksha Gupta

It had been three days since the sun shone through the cracks in the big wooden door. Being cooped up indoors wasn’t for Hope. She longed to race through the freshly drenched forests, soaking in large gulps of new crisp air. She knew the gloom would lift; once the rain stopped. Perhaps there might be a rainbow too. Perhaps. – Tejal Pandey

The day…

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